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WEB Terminal Services

WEB ENABLED Are you Ready ??

Terminal Services WEB is a valuable option you "Must Have". Java-based, it enables you to start remote sessions or RemoteApp with any browser (IE, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, Safari...)

Enjoy the easiest remote access from any place where you have an Internet connection and a standard browser.

Simple to use, Terminal Services WEB is a great option to buy now. More, only one single port is requested to open web session and automatically Terminal Services WEB recognize automatically the server address and the port number from the user browser (HTTP or HTTPS).

Many features like web print, inside/outside browser, seamless application from the web are included. Terminal Services WEB is outstanding any other technology to web-enable existing legacy Windows application.

Using the Terminal Services WEB option, administrators can publish standard Windows-based applications via a Web page. This is especially useful for frequently updated, hard-to-distribute applications; applications that are infrequently used by a large number of users; or for cases in which large amounts of data must be manipulated over low-bandwidth connections.
Terminal Services WEB provides significant benefits to the following groups :
·    Users who need to access JWTS server hosted applications from ‘unmanaged’ devices.
·    Administrators seeking simple ways to distribute Windows based Windows applications.
·    Systems Administrators who manage Windows servers using the Web Access feature.
For 3 Users
Rp. 10 mio / PACKAGE
Intell i-5, RAM 8GB, PCi-Express 128 GB
Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Cloud BitDefender AV
For 5 Users
Rp. 12.5 mio / PACKAGE
Intell i-5, RAM 8GB, PCi-Express 128 GB
Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Cloud BitDefender AV

For 10 Users
Rp. 25 mio / PACKAGE
Intell i-7, RAM 32GB, PCi-Express 250 GB
Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Cloud BitDefender AV

For 25 Users
Rp. 50 mio / PACKAGE
Intell i-7, RAM 64GB, PCi-Express 500GB
Windows Server 2016 Ent 64bit, Cloud BitDefender AV
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0818 943030 (WA)

Contact Us
0818 943030 (WA)

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